Do It Themselves Powerpoint


Professor Carole Barnett of the Whittemore School of Business and Economics at the University of New Hampshire, writes as follows about an activity she uses:

"We have designed our course so that OUR STUDENTS -- not the text book authors or the professors -- have the burden of producing PPT slides as part of the learning experience in mastering the chapters and cases!!    I am attaching the Powerpoint "slide master"  (see link below) that I created and make available to our students; it's up to them to work within the PPT structure to create and deliver a provocative one-hour session in the classroom.  In a 15-week term, there are 5 of these presentations with usually 5 students per team.  The students have to "teach" the B&D REFRAMING ORGS chapters assigned to them plus facilitate an original experiential learning exercise. 

I am attaching one team's PPT slides from last January 2006 so you can see how much they put into and get out of this assignment.   Because the students' PPT presentations are so provocative, and go far beyond the "summary" types of slides that come with anyone's text book, even yours, it just isn't necessary for me  to use your slides." 


Click here for Professor Barnett's "slide master"

Click here for sample powerpoint  for a class on the symbolic frame (created by University of New Hampshire students Jessica Bushell, Andra Gorski, Emma Karp, Ashley Riley)  Some of the slides are annotated, and the presentation includes a very interesting activity that asks students to imagine elements of the culture for various fictional organizations that range from a conservative Boston accounting firm to "Moo-Acres Organic Ice Cream."