Team Frames Assessment


For ongoing teams, this assessment  provides a way to use the frames to assess how well they're doing, and which areas might need work.  Ask individuals to complete the instrument, and then have teams meet, post the results, and discuss.  Tell them to focus on both mean and variance:  where does the team seem to be high and low, and where do individuals  agree or disagree.  (Paying attention to the distribution makes it more likely that they'll notice, for example, areas where most people think things are great, but one or two individuals don't agree.)

Items 1-4 are structural; items 5-9 are HR; items 10-12 are political; the rest are symbolic.    (The assessment is copyrighted, but you have permission to cut, paste and print copies for educational use.)  If you have suggestions for additional items or other ways to improve the instrument, please write us.


Your name: __________________ Group: ________________

Team Assessment

Respond to items below using the following scale:

1            2             3             4             5             6             7

Strongly                                                                     Strongly

Disagree                                                                 Agree

_____ 1. We’re clear about where we’re going and how we’ll get there.

_____ 2. We know who’s doing what and what to expect from one another.

_____ 3. We have clear, measurable performance goals.

_____ 4. We all have the same understanding of how we’ll work together.

_____ 5. We make effective use of each member’s talent, knowledge and energy.

_____ 6. We have the right mix of individual skills and expertise.

_____ 7. Everyone in the group feels ownership of group decisions and activities.

_____ 8. The group is attentive and responsive to individual needs.

_____ 9. Relationships among group members are characterized by high levels of mutual understanding and trust.

_____ 10. The group acknowledges differences and disagreements, and uses them productively.

_____ 11. Power and influence are distributed among members in ways that enhance the group’s overall effectiveness.

_____ 12. Our group has scouted our environment effectively: we understand our market and our competition.

_____ 13. We have a strong, compelling vision to which members feel highly committed.

_____ 14. We have a well-defined, shared culture that binds us together and supports our work.

_____ 15. We have high levels of team spirit and confidence in our ability to overcome whatever challenges and hurdles we encounter.


Copyright, 2000, Lee Bolman and Terry Deal